Аккумулятор на ниссан теана 2 3

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Bernie van der Merwe

Hi Aliso please can you help me do the change on my new 2014 Nissan Elgrand. Many thanks. Bernie. vxtra. co. nz.

10.05.2017 - 05:30
Bernie van der Merwe

Thank you Alois.

22.04.2017 - 05:37
Alois Xanavi

Car 2008-2011, with the DVD drive, a low screen resolution, no usb. The task set with the original equipment Nissan Teana 32 2011-2013 drive HDD production Clarion Japan. Equipment: - replacement touch monitor 7 inches high resolution NEW in the film - replacing the keyboard control buttons with navigation. - replacing the front panel on system with navigation from 2011-2013 - replacement of the unit under audio Bose 5. 1 its configuration - standard USb output o regular Aux videoaudio Software: - Map of Russia and Europe 2015-2016 c function tube. Cameras, points of interest with relevance 2015 - All in Russian or any other European language 8 languages - USb, Bluetooth. By using the machine 1 day Additional options: - unlock the video to view in motion firmware activation video input connect additional video devices through aux - personal screensaver on the screen of the car theft protection and additional personalization of the car. - install digital TV tuner with media player any video, any format two options: 1 do not shows in motion at speeds from 1 aerial 2 shows the movement of up to 120 kmh with 4 Antennas. The works were carried out in Moscow, the company's specialists

05.04.2017 - 13:32